From the award-winning author of a dozen novels comes a collection of 20 short stories originally published in such magazines as McCall’s and Good Housekeeping in the 1980s and 1990s – a celebration of women’s magazine fiction during the height of its popularity.

Among the first collections to feature commercial (as opposed to strictly “literary”) fiction during this time of renewed interest in the short story, Kaleidoscope offers a little bit of history along with a great deal of entertainment – sometimes poignant, sometimes funny, always engaging, with subjects as contemporary as today.

-A woman takes up running as she struggles to return to normal after her divorce.
-A mother stays home with her children during a school break but longs to be at work — until her presence becomes crucial in averting a near-tragedy.
-A family buys a dream house only to discover its all-too- helpful resident ghost.
-A teenager thinks her parents are beyond the sexuality she is discovering in herself — until her mother gets pregnant.
-An insecure teen feels like an “extra” in her own life until she becomes an extra in a movie.

Ellyn Bache began her career writing women’s fiction for commercial periodicals, then turned to literary fiction that has appeared in a wide variety of journals and won the Willa Cather Fiction Prize. Her novels include Safe Passage, which became a Susan Sarandon film, and The Art of Saying Goodbye, a SIBA “Okra Pick” and Book of the Year Award nominee. Visit her at