Welcome to the Cape Fear River Watch Book Club!

The CFRW Book Club has no cost to join and meetings are held monthly every 4th Saturday at Pomegranate Books.

The July/August read is: “A River Lost: Death of the Columbia” by Blaine Harden.

“After two decades, Washington Post journalist Blaine Harden returned to his small-town birthplace in the Pacific North West’s most thoroughly conquered river. To explore the Columbia River and befriend those who collaborated in its destruction, he traveled on a monstrous freight barge sailing west from Idaho to the Grand Loulee Dam, the site of the river’s harnessing for the sake of jobs, electricity, and immigration. A River Lost is a searing personal narrative of rediscovery joined with a narrative of exploitation of Native Americans, of endangered salmon, of nuclear waste, and of a once-wild river.”

We offer a 15% discount for CFRW Book Club members on Club books.