“A collection blazing with seduction, trickery, conflict, and grief, Wicked South: Secrets and Lies is a saga of bitter deceits and breathtaking victories.” -Heather Ezell, author of Nothing Left to Burn
“Menacing fairy folk and locker room monsters. Forbidden love and time-traveling adventures. The nine twisty tales in Wicked South: Secrets and Lies take readers to atmospheric corners of the American South (and beyond) filled with heartfelt characters and alluring mysteries.” -John Claude Bemis, award-winning author of The Wooden Prince and The Clockwork Dark Trilogy
“WICKED SOUTH will enthrall you and linger in your thoughts long after you finish. A gripping, glorious anthology.”–Julia Day, award-winning author of Fade to Us and The Possibility of Somewhere

For good or ill—on the page or in life—few things are more alluring than the siren song of a secret.

At the heart of each story in this genre-crossing collection lies a secret. A boy who is not a boy at all, a neighbor with a mysterious identity, a tortured student with a list that isn’t what it seems, a girl who abandoned the person she used to be at the bottom of a river.

Conflict and possibility are embedded in a secret’s very nature…betrayal and conspiracy are encoded in its DNA. Secrets can transform. They can alienate, anger, or inspire.

One thing is for sure: They make a great story.

Wicked South: Secrets and Lies is an anthology featuring young adult stories by authors from North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia. Contributors are New York Times bestselling author Emily Colin, Elizabeth DeVido, award-winning author Lauren Faulkenberry, Amy Hyatt Fonseca, Lauren Fulcher, award-winning author Robin Kirk, John Klekamp, Karissa Laurel, and Katie Rose Guest Pryal.

A portion of the proceeds from Wicked South will benefit literacy programs at El Centro Hispano (elcentronc.org) in Durham, North Carolina.


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