Monday, March 4, 2019 at 1 PM – 3 PM

What is your story?

Does it limit or liberate you? Are there aspects of your past that you’d like to change or reframe? How would your life be different if the story you tell yourself was different?
In many traditions and cultures storytelling is a part of the spiritual learning experience. Wisdom is gained through fables, parables and folktales. The fables and fairytales of our youth have the power to reach past our conscious blocks directly to the heart, conveying transformative messages that are valuable to one’s own journey. This workshop is designed to enable the participant to take a tragic or challenging story from their own life and transform it into a fairytale, with a happy ending, fostering liberation and empowerment!

Conjure Your Own Happy Ending.
• Discover transformative meditation and journaling techniques.
• Delve deeply into your unconscious to reveal what limits you.
• Learn about spell-craft that can shatter those limitations!
• Tap into your own creativity for lasting changes!