Mary Helen will share personal examples from her latest work, Understanding Is the New Healing.. Her message is that we can heal our lives in the most incredible ways by understanding and embracing the Universal truth that nothing and no one can harm who we really are. From past-life memories and Near-Death Experiences to encounters with spirits and beings “in, but not of” this world, Mary Helen will take you on a life-changing adventure that may just re-shape the way you view your own rich tapestry of experiences in life.

About the author:

Following her near-death experience in 1991, Mary Helen began to realize that her previous skills of communicating with those in spirit had become so much more. A series of incredible, serendipitous events led her to develop her new-found ability to facilitate the healing process. Overnight, she found herself able to “read” the ethereal field of an individual, linking her to the person’s history, gaining insights into how past experiences were creating a person’s present reality, regarding their physical, emotional and spiritual health. By creating a new awareness, Mary Helen has has helped hundreds turn anguish to insight, distress to discernment and heartbreak to healing. Many individuals have healed themselves of life-threatening diseases under her guidance, reclaiming their lives and moving forward with a new understanding of the intricate links between the mind, body and spirit. Mary Helen has also assisted numerous people with experiencing the death-process with grace, dignity and understanding, bringing perspective to life lessons, removing the fear that is so often associated with crossing over.